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"Why we need Trump."

The art of Politics has it’s life cycle and we are at it’s rubicon. FDR laid the groundwork and pushed for the golden society while Oligarchy pulls the other way, Politics is the art of this balance. The truth is that the wealthy people in history have contributed much to society but do at their own discretion. The rich have brought us war. The love of money is the root of all evil not just plain money. I revert to the word balance. But some wealthy do not own this trait and are considered rich and when they are afforded power they will extend into the inhumane and abomination. The well is dry and we all miss our water. Yes this letter is the equivalent of the man on the street with full body board that warns “The end is near” on both sides. (What ever happen to him?) We have some fight left in us and it is resulting in awakening everywhere. We see where the slaughterhouse is (Trump is showing us) the question is how we choose to go, docile or kicking and screaming. No one is…

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